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In music production there is this myth that the more feedback you get the better the end product will be. We’re here to tell you this is a fallacy, and we are here to tell you why it is a fallacy.

The road to getting better as a producer can be a long and arduous one. At times, getting and processing feedback can lead to procrastination and producers not finishing their projects. Sound familiar? Then, by all means read on :).

So, who do I listen to?

We want to propose an alternative strategy, seek out the people who are producing at a level that you want to get to, and look out for their advice. Getting advice from your friends is great, but you don’t go to your barber for advice on the stock-market, so why would

Now, we know that this sounds a bit arrogant and perhaps a bit cocky, but getting lost in feedback from people who; don’t know the full context of what music production entails, or who don’t quite get the genre you are operating in is just not helpful. So we can cut them out of the loop, they either like it or they don’t. Either way we move on.

Feedback from your peers

Now how helpful is getting advice from your music making buddies? How do your peers fit into this theory? Well, for the most part they don’t. They are trying to figure out the same things as you are. So take what you deem helpful, and move on.

The point of the story is this: feedback is not holy. Feedback is not everything. Preventing yourself from changing your productions to satisfy everybody, is just not a good long-term strategy.

So, for in-depth feedback, look to people who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Value the guys or gals, who have signed on to the labels you want to release with in the future. Carefully listen to the feedback they give you, but also feel free to disregard this at times and listen to your gut feeling. It is your music after all.

Above anything, make sure you finish things, a hard disk full with sketches, doesn’t get nobody anywhere :)).

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